Wildflower Forget me Not Rhinestone Silver Necklace

$49.00 $57.00

Wildflowers seeds flourish where they land. 

This necklace is gorgeous a vintage rhinestone drop and sparkling high quality cut crystals. 925 Sterling Silver chain. * Model is shown wearing this necklace with a 2 inch extender that we have here 

Sterling and beaded chain is 17 inches long and the total pendant drop is 2 1/3 inches


💜Our Vintage Wildflower collection pieces are created with Antique and Vintage Czech crystals, some of the finest Swarovski stones, aurora borealis coatings, rhinestones, exquisitely cut stones and semi precious beads.

🌙 Spinel | A chromium rich stone and lends itself to being a passionate stone, stimulating yet comforting. It is useful for letting go of everyday stressors. Heart Chakra*

PERIDOT | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing, Manifests abundance: health, wealth and relationships. Helps to clear Chakra blockages*

Affirmation |  “ I attract positive abundance. ”

Zodiac |Leo

Chakra| Solar Plexus , Heart Chakra*