Carnelian Necklace




Gorgeous Orange and Cream veined Agate and Carnelian mixture sets the stage in this dramatic and versatile necklace. Varied shapes and sizes of high quality semi precious gemstone beads, accented with brass vintage and new findings. 

Adjustable clasp makes this versatile to wear as a choker or to the maximum length of 22 inches. 

Carnelian | Success  Healthy Metabolic  Courage Mindfulness♥ A high energy stone, a courageous stone, promoting success and supporting healthy metabolism & sexual organs. A stabilizing stone facilitates trust + love for life. Useful for being present and mindfulness meditation. Energetically stimulating sexual energy + A spiritual stone, accepts the cycle of life. *Sacral Chakra*

Agate |Balance Relax Acceptance♥ There are numerous varieties of Agate each have unique properties. Generally, they are helpful with stabilizing energy, multilevel cleansing and bring balance in the body. Facilitates acceptance of oneself & promote a connection to Mother Earth. Throat Chakra* 

Affirmation | "I am strong and divinely protected."

Zodiac |  Gemini

Chakras | All Chakras*


💜Our Burnished Love collection pieces are created with Semi Precious beads + Stones, Sandalwood + Wood and/or Czech Crystals.  Richly coloured stones are mixed with warm woods with a touch of sparkle. Semi Precious stones have been chosen for their warmth and nurturing properties.  Some stones will vary in size and colours.