Wearable art with meaningful colour + stone combinations. Reiki imbued for the power of Love + Oneness.


We handcraft using only the highest quality gemstone + stone beads. We love to incorporating found and vintage findings in our creations.



Our purpose is to connect you to crystals that resonate with you; stones that invite you to connect with their energetic power and ethereal beauty. 

Coconut Quartz was born of a passion for Love + Life. We are enamored with stones and crystals and we are ecstatic to share our purpose and passion with you. Exquisite quality at wholesale pricing.


Coconut Quartz creates handmade jewelry that is more than the sum of its parts. Crafted with intention and purpose to create beautiful and meaningful pieces for You.

All curations and creations are cleansed, Reiki imbued and are energetically ready for You.




💜Our jewelry is designed and crafted in Niagara on the Lake, Canada 

💜Our semi precious beads, gemstones, rocks, minerals, crystals and findings are sourced from around the globe and are personally hand picked by us.

💜 Our gemstones are genuine - no imitations, synthetics, or lab created stones (unless stated)

💜Please join us for Crystal Metaphysical Info, Giveaways and looks at of our new creations and curations via

💜Facebook: Coconutquartz 

💜EMAIL: Coconutquartz@gmail.com



As crystal collectors, we love to go to mines, quarries, pits and collecting sites ourselves. Hiking through overgrown brush, through forests or climbing up sides of hills and volcanos, going deep into an Amethyst vein, or digging tirelessly for crystals; choosing and mining for rocks, minerals and crystals is one way of ensuring high quality and fair practices. 

We travel to gem and mineral shows to meet with the suppliers face to face and hand pick each crystal personally.

 We have been fortunate to travel to Portugal, South America, to many states across the USA and across our beautiful country of Canada to collect many of the crystal specimens that we now offer to You for your collection.

It is of the utmost importance to us that the persons mining for and collecting our crystals are doing so in a way that is ethical and respectful to Mother Earth and its inhabitants, while also being of the highest quality and energy. Thusly, the majority of our stones, minerals, crystals and findings are purchased directly from the person or company that made them or mined for them. We have made personal connections ( some we are happy to call our friends! ) with our suppliers to ensure that we and ultimately You are always curating sublime crystals.




Hi! I’m Cheryl, the designer, creator and curator of all things that embody Coconut Quartz. I believe in the power of Love and Oneness. I have always been attracted to the magical, mysterious & mystical parts of life. I am an Empath, Intuitive, an attuned Reiki Practitioner and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist ~ R.H.N.
I have been collecting and studying Rocks + Crystals since I was about 3 years old. I love being outside in nature and I believe in slow fashion; utilizing vintage and antique components, whenever possible. This coupled with my love for all things sparkly blossomed from a hobby into a life fulfilling passionate career.