Amazonite necklace.

This soothing and balancing beaded necklace is  Handmade and knotted using approximately 6 mm + 8 mm round and fancy shaped Amazonite.  
The centerpiece pendant is a faceted oval Amazonite. 

The vibes are soothing and balancing. Wear daily for your meditative practice.
Total length is 35  inches.


Amazonite |  Emotional Balance  Focus  Peaceful ♥A greenish blue feldspar mineral, it is a powerful filtering stone; blocking geopathic stress, absorbing electromagnetic pollution & supporting those who are oversensitive to environmental pollutants. I find that I am continually drawn to Amazonite in times when I need a bit of support. Whether it be when I am doing public speaking, teaching a course or any time that I am among a group of people, I am calmed by Amazonite. I love my Mala made with Amazonite, I find the colours and the tactile feel of the stones soothing as well. Amazonite just seems to lessen the “noise” and make things clearer. Assists with health, emotional balance and allows you to see the other side of things more easily.

Affirmation |  "I am at peace in my body."

Zodiac | Virgo

Chakras | Heart Chakra , Throat Chakra*