Gorgeous Amethyst cluster with 1 polished stalactite eye in swirled in green black and blue colours.

This specimen has the most deep purple colouring, and is super sparkly, perfect little crystals . Known as Grape Jelly Amethyst, this specimen has some of the darkest purple, this colouring is highly sought after for fine jewelry making.

152 grams ,5.33 oz, and measurements are roughly 9 mm / 3 inches at its longest, 5mm / 2 inch wide and 3 mm / 1.25 inch thick
Uruguay mined.

🌙 AMETHYST | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. This purple Quartz is a natural balancer, bringing calmness & clarity where there is anxiety & confusion. Provides a connection to the divine, enhances physic abilities and is useful for meditation. Soothing vibes promote inner peace and healing leading to a restful sleep. Helps heighten creativity, spirituality, grounding, courage & self esteem.

Affirmation |  "I am calm and peaceful in my body, mind and soul."

Zodiac | Aquarius

Chakras |Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra *