Beginner Crystal Collection

Gift set Includes: 9 large raw stones: Amethyst*Blue Quartz*Red Quartz
Aventurine* Orchid Calcite*Sodalite*Citrine*Tiger Eye*Rhodonite , a wooden coconut bowl and an assortment of illustrated crystal cards.

 Sizes and shapes of crystals will vary slightly as these are natural products


 Quartz Red | Healer Quartz. This beautiful stone is found in only a few localities around the world. It is comprised of Quartz with inclusions of Hematite and other minerals to give it an ethereal rusty red colouring. It can go by several names, most common are Ferringous Quartz, Hematoid Quartz and Fire Quartz. It is a natural stone and is not colour enhanced in any way. Be wary of those stones called strawberry quartz as they may be artificially coloured quartz. Red quartz is a grounding stone and may be helpful for some to break through blockages and obstacles that have been holding you back, allow yourself to “open up” and follow your intuition. Useful for meditation and igniting your passion*. 

Tiger Eye| Strength  Courage Grounding Optimism Joy   This Quartz Gemstone is a stone of protection in that is also very stabilizing & grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and correct use of power. Balances both brain sides and brings joy. *

Citrine |  An Energizing + Happy Stone. Aura cleansing, transmutes negativity. Centering and a fabulous stone for self esteem. A joyous stone, it is also a great tool for manifestation. Helps to manifest new opportunities & new perspectives. Helps to move your mind out of the past and into the now.*

Aventurine |Health  Prosperity  Calm  Compassion A Chalcedony Quartz, it is found in various colours. A stone of compassion and unconditional love; it allows you to see a future of stronger relationships & communications. It increases optimism and good luck, helping promote a sense of calm *Heart Chakra*

 Quartz Blue |  Dumortierite | Quartz with natural inclusions. A soft and gentle stone, radiating with soothing energy and joy. Perfect for those who wish to speak the truth and open throat Chakra. Cultivating patience, to take all the time that is needed. *

 Sodalite |Communication Relationships Creativity Self-Esteem  Promotes teamwork and stimulates thought. It is also a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency and is good for healing breaches in communication. Also, an invaluable stone for artists, particularly helpful in thinking outside of your norm as it heightens creativity. *

Amethyst |Balance  Clarity Healing Spirituality Joy  Anxiety Brings calmness & clarity where there is anxiety & confusion. A connection to the divine, inner peace and healing. Heightens creativity, spirituality, grounding, courage & self esteem.

Rhodonite | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. This is a lovely dark veined pink rose stone. Balancing for emotions and useful when working through loss, grief, unhappiness or hardships. Cleansing and detoxifying physically. Supports past life trauma healing, self love + self esteem, loving compassion, love nurturer*

Calcite  | Calcite can increase energy when one feels lackluster. Increases optimism and clarity. May help to expand consciousness and connect with other realms.* Sacral Chakra*