High Quality Blue Caribbean Calcite Towers.
The specimens are Intensly calming with soothing energy.

Colours and patterns are beautiful, etheral blues with a dream like feel. Caribbean Calcite naturally display divets , marks and cracks, this is part of the inherent beauty of this crystal. That said, these all have amazing crystal caverns, most have several druzy divets.

Each will vary slightly in size. They measure approximately 3 3/4 inches high and approximately 1 inch wide, approximate weight 90+ grams.

I will intuitively choose one of these divine crystals for you. Your crystal will be similar to one of these, as these are natural stones, each will be unique.

*The information provided is for informational purposes regarding our products. Crystals provide a holistic method of energy balancing and are not meant as a substitute for medical advice or medicine. If you have health concerns, please seek medical advice from your medical practitioner.