Sacral Passion Talisman | Tiger Eye + Red Aventurine + Carnelian


Sacral Passion Talisman was created to support and balance your Lower and Sacral Chakras. Helping to ignite the flame, activating the Sacral Chakra, vitality, stamina and virility. Think of your Talisman as a little boost of confidence.  It is a reminder that we are perfectly desirable just as we are. 

Precious round faceted vintage red Aventurine, chunky Tiger Eye, and vibrant orange Carnelian, accented with gold tone and brass. Talisman is approximately  35mm in length || almost 1.5 inches

Wear this Talisman as a charm on a bracelet, as a pendant on a chain, on a key chain or anywhere else you desire.   

💜Available as Talisman Pendant or Talisman Pendant on an 18 inch Gold plated Stainless Steel chain. Perfect for layering, but looks great alone too. 

Stones will differ slightly from photos, Your Talisman will be unique. 


🌙Tiger’s Eye | Strength + Courage. This Quartz Gemstone is a stone of protection in that is also very stabilizing & grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power *Sacral Chakra*

Red Aventurine |  Fire and Passion. Emanating a “ joie de vie” vibe, this joyous stone symbolizes the desire to live life to its fullest, a passionate life, manifestation and opportunities. * Sacral Chaka*

Carnelian  | Chalcedony Quartz This is a high energy stone, a courageous stone, promoting success and supporting healthy metabolism & sexual organs. A stabilizing stone, facilitates trust + love for life. Useful for being present and mindfulness meditation. Energetically stimulating sexual energy + A spiritual stone, accepts the cycle of life. *Sacral Chakra*