Speak Your Heart Chakra Talisman | Green Calcite + Green Garnet + Peridot


Speak Your Heart Chakra Talisman was created to empower the Heart Chakras. Honouring the heart of who We are, speak your truth. Think of your Talisman like a tool to help you to manifest your true love and own your sentiments. It is a reminder of connection to Universe and that we are Love.

Precious chunky green Garnet, dreamy light mint green Calcite and vibrant green Peridot accented with gold tone and brass. Talisman is approximately  35mm in length || almost 1.5 inches

Wear this Talisman as a charm on a bracelet, as a pendant on a chain, on a key chain or anywhere else you desire.   

💜Available as Talisman Pendant or Talisman Pendant on an 18 inch Gold plated Stainless Steel chain. Perfect for layering, but looks great alone too. 

Stones will differ slightly from photos, Your Talisman will be unique. 


🌙PERIDOT | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing, Manifests abundance: health, wealth and relationships. Helps to clear Chakra blockages*

Affirmation |  “ I attract positive abundance. ”

Zodiac |Leo

Chakra| Solar Plexus , Heart Chakra*


Calcite  | Calcite can increase energy when one feels lackluster. Increases optimism and clarity. May help to expand consciousness and connect with other realms.* Sacral Chakra*


GARNET | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. Emotionally balancing, soothes depression, emotional trauma. Facilitates courage and creativity, cultivates understanding and abundance and brings awareness. Helps to enhance sexuality, devotion and trust.

Affirmation | "I am free to express and create in harmony"

Zodiac |  Capricorn

Chakras | Heart Chakra*