Wildflower Waterfall Morganite Necklace

$59.00 $79.00

Wildflowers seeds flourish where they land. 

This necklace is gorgeous a vintage rhinestone and crystal drop and a Morganite and brass chain.

Brass and beaded chain is 20 inches long and the total pendant drop is 2 inches


💜Our Vintage Wildflower collection pieces are created with Antique and Vintage Czech crystals, some of the finest Swarovski stones, aurora borealis coatings, rhinestones, exquisitely cut stones and semi precious beads.

🌙 Morganite | Unconditional Love. This Beryl comes in many colours ranging from light yellow, blue & pink. This love crystal helps with feelings of being overwhelmed & is a wonderful crystal for dealing with anxiety & daily stressors. I find it reduces the need for over analyzation, thus encouraging a positive view of the world *