Lapis Lazuli Free Form


Lapis Lazuli free form stone. Sits on its flat base and displays nicely.  Vibrant blues and flecks of gold pyrite. Natural and undyed. Highly polished and top is left natural


🌙 Approximate measurements : 90 grams

Height : 3  cm // 1+ inches

Width at widest part : 2 cm // .75 inches

Depth at widest part : 2 cm // .75inches

Afghanistan mined

Lapis Lazuli / Truth, clarity and calming. This stone is reminiscent of Royalty with its deep blue with gold flecks. A stress releaser, harmonizer and an anti-anxiety stone. Deeply protecting against psychic attacks.

*The information provided is for informational purposes regarding our products. Crystals provide a holistic method of energy balancing and are not meant as a substitute for medical advice or medicine. If you have health concerns, please seek medical advice from your medical practitioner.