Jade + Pyrite Bracelet | Lucky Bracelet


This bracelet is created with 8 mm green Jade, a raw Pyrite chunk, Hematite arrows and raw and polished brass accents. 

The vibe is good health and good luck. 

🌙  Jade |Serenity♥ Harmony ♥ Prosperity ♥ Health ♥ Jade comes in a myriad of colours and encompasses so many wonderful energies. Used for over 5000 years as a good luck charm and healing stone. It encourages you to become who you really are as a spiritual being. It increases love and nurturing while also being a protective stone. Useful for dreams & healing. *

 Hematite |Inner Strength Protection Confidence Grounding♥ An oxide mineral, it supports vitality, is protecting / shielding and grounding. Useful spiritually, Hematite is an excellent stone to help keep you connected to the Earth. Base Chakra*

 Pyrite | Protection Shield. Confident & Balancing. This is a powerful stone protecting against negativity and an anxiety reliever. Many believe pyrite to be a good luck / good fortune stone. Solar plexus chakra *

Coconut Quartz bracelets are crafted in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.  Bracelet Sizing Guide