Emerald + Chrysoprase Necklace | Joyous Love Necklace


Make a statement with this unique and exquisite necklace. Gorgeous long statement vintage brass chain with Spinel and Peridot beads, Chrysoprase and Emerald necklace.

Perfect for that long layered look. 

🌙PERIDOT | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing, Manifests abundance: health, wealth and relationships. Helps to clear Chakra blockages*

Affirmation |  “ I attract positive abundance. ”

Zodiac |Leo

Chakra| Solar Plexus , Heart Chakra*


EMERALD | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing, A health and wealth stone. A talisman, the colour of rebirth and life. Abundance and prosperity, love and fulfillment.

Affirmation | "I open myself to divine love and health"

Zodiac |  Taurus

Chakras | Heart Chakra *


Chrysoprase |  Anti- Stressor / A Chalcedony Quartz- a stone of pure joy. It can assist whilst dealing with emotional angst of any kind. Prosperity & Healing. *Crown Chakra*

Spinel | A chromium rich stone and lends itself to being a passionate stone, stimulating yet comforting. It is useful for letting go of everyday stressors. Heart Chakra*