Agate Necklace | Caramel Banded Agate Silver Necklace


Make a statement with this unique and exquisite necklace. Gorgeous long statement necklace. A beautiful  oval pear chunky banded caramel Agate.

Perfect for that long layered look. Lightweight yet substantial steel bead chain is 40 inches, pendant drop is 2.75 inches

🌙Agate |Balance Relax Acceptance♥ There are numerous varieties of Agate each have unique properties. Generally, they are helpful with stabilizing energy, multilevel cleansing and bring balance in the body. Facilitates acceptance of oneself & promote a connection to Mother Earth. Throat Chakra* 

Affirmation | "I am strong and divinely protected."

Zodiac |  Gemini

Chakras | All Chakras*