Clover Wildflowers Bracelet

$39.00 $59.00

Minty green sparkle takes center stage on your wrist. A multi crystal and stone bracelet in minty and cool green tones.  Classy and bold. Created with Green Calcite, Fluorite and New Jade | Serpentine, rhinestones and cut crystals. Brass accents.

💜Our Vintage Wildflower collection pieces are created with Antique and Vintage Czech crystals, some of the finest Swarovski stones, aurora borealis coatings, rhinestones, exquisitely cut stones and semi precious beads. Stretch Bracelet, strong elastic. Each bracelet will differ slightly.

🌙 Calcite  | Calcite can increase energy when one feels lackluster. Increases optimism and clarity. May help to expand consciousness and connect with other realms.* Sacral Chakra*

Fluorite |  Protection + Learning Stone.  A wonderful protection stone, grounding and harmonizing.  It also may be useful for protection when dreaming. Helpful when navigating mercury retrograde. A perfect stone for the student of Life, supportive with endeavors and when learning a new skill.  Helpful for focusing and enhancing cognitive functions. Clarifying decisions when it isn’t clear Ie: thinking and studying. Inviting in the good vibes.  Higher Chakras, Third Eye*

Serpentine | Manifestation Stone. Similar in properties to Jade, this is a calming and balancing stone.  Excellent for meditation and facilitating new beginnings. Heart Chakra *


Coconut Quartz bracelets are crafted in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.  Bracelet Sizing Guide