Burnished Red Jasper Leaf Bracelet | Leaf Charm Bracelet


Gorgeous stretchy bracelet in warm muted olive green Sandalwood, milk chocolate brown wood, vanilla Fossil stone. Accented with brass and a vibrant poppy red Jasper carved leaf charm.

7mm - 8mm bead size.

The vibe is calm nurturing. 

💜Our Burnished Love collection pieces are created with Semi Precious beads + Stones, Sandalwood + Wood and/or Czech Crystals.  Richly coloured stones are mixed with warm woods with a touch of sparkle. Semi Precious stones have been chosen for their warmth and nurturing properties.  Some stones will vary in size and colours. 

JasperNurture  Connection  Mentoring ♥ There are varying types of Jasper, each has unique properties, sharing the   characteristics of strength, resolve, healing & new vitality.  Useful in overcome obstacles and for mediation. Used since ancient times for healing and in stressful situations. *

Fossil Stone |Acceptance ♥ Mindfulness♥ Healing ♥ Various types of fossilized remains in limestone or other rock. Go with the flow, acceptance of things as they are. Useful for aura and energy work. Increased energy flow. Base Chakra *

Wood | A connection to Mother earth, strength, grounding and stabilizing. Connectivity to all living things.*

Coconut Quartz bracelets are crafted in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.  Bracelet Sizing Guide