Labradorite Necklace | Wildflower Labradorite Necklace


Wildflowers seeds flourish where they land, just like You.

Brass wire wrapped purple flash Labradorite cabochon dances on this lightweight bass geometric chain. 

Brass chain is 34 inches long and the total pendant drop is 2.75 inches

💜Our Vintage Wildflower collection pieces are created with Antique and Vintage Czech crystals, some of the finest Swarovski stones, aurora borealis coatings, rhinestones, exquisitely cut stones and semi precious beads.

🌙Labradorite Transformation  Perseverance  Courage ♥ This feldspar spectrolite mineral is truly a magical stone. It can assist with your intentions to expand consciousness, developing your intuitive and mental abilities. As a stone of strength, it supports change and provides support when around energy drainers. Balancing and cleansing to the Aura. Base Chakra*