Sacred Love Talisman | Prehnite + Pink Tourmaline + Rose Quartz


Sacred Love Talisman was created to empower and open your Heart Chakra. A Talisman for sacred love. Deeping all of the love connections in your life. Your Talisman is a reminder to awaken your love and to love more deeply. 

Precious round Prehnite,  rectangular pale pink Rose Quartz and petite faceted Pink Tourmaline accented with gold tone and brass. Talisman is approximately  35mm in length || almost 1.5 inches

Wear this Talisman as a charm on a bracelet, as a pendant on a chain, on a key chain or anywhere else you desire.   

💜Available as Talisman Pendant or Talisman Pendant on an 18 inch Gold plated Stainless Steel chain. Perfect for layering, but looks great alone too. 

Stones will differ slightly from photos, Your Talisman will be unique. 


🌙Rose Quartz  | Love + Self Esteem. It is the energetic hallmark of unconditional love and universal love. This may make rose quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, and unconditional love* Heart Chakra *

Prehnite | A translucent gray green coloured stone. A crystal for healing and the healer. While being a calming stone and evoking inner peace, it is also very useful during meditation and visualization. A stone for communicating with non living beings, intuitive work and lucid dreams. *

Pink Tourmaline ( Rubellite )  | Enhances cognitive awareness, supports positivity, helps to balance extremes, heals old emotional wounds and open the Heart Chakra. A wonderfully powerful stone bursting with positive energy. Excellent detoxifying stone. Heart Chakra*