Drink your Water! Make your own Gem Elixir water in this high quality 500 ml Stainless steel and borosilicate glass.Included is a protective sleeve to help keep your beverage warm or cold!

We have included some of our favourite crystals in the chamber, but feel free to change them up if you so desire. Much like my bracelets where I choose what to wear based on my mood or what I wish to manifest-You can do that with Your water bottle too!

The removable bottom chamber allows you to use any gems of your choosing. The gem chamber is separated from the water by a glass wall.

Citrine - Self Esteem / Clearing / Healing

Rose Quartz – Love / Self Esteem

Amethyst - Balancer / Calm / Clarity

Care Instructions: Rinse with water or if very soiled, hand wash, in light soapy water. Rinse well. Do Not put in dishwasher.

To change your crystals, twist the bottom of vessel and change crystals if desired


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