Invite LOVE Sage Crystal Set is a fabulous set to energetically cleanse your environment, to get rid of stale air/energy or anytime you feel the need to Invite love and peace.

Perfect for the new homeowner as a house warming gift.

This set comes with full instructions, so go and embrace a new ritual!


Each set includes:

🌙Organically homegrown Lavender and/or organically homegrown rose petals or peony petals.

🌙1 Abalone shell sustainably sourced with stunning iridescent natural colours

🌙1 Palo Santo stick from Peru - known as “Holy Wood” divine woodsy fragrance when burned

🌙1 White California Sage wand that is sustainably sourced

🌙1 large polished Madagascar Rose Quartz

🌙Illustrated Instruction cards and illustrated Crystal information cards.


Sizes, colours and shapes may vary slightly 


About Rose Quartz |Forgiveness♥ Love ♥ Self-Love♥ Compassion♥ The energetic hallmark of unconditional love and universal love. Facilitates positive love energy to all types of relationships: self-love, family, platonic, and unconditional love. Heart Chakra *

About SAGE

Smoke Cleansing using the fragrant smoke that is created from plant material, is wonderful for inviting in positive energy, before / after Meditation, Reiki, Yoga etc. We like to use it to cleanse a new environment or whenever we feel the need to energetically cleanse. It also smells so divine!

Did you know that using fragrant smoke, incense, sage and other plant material is an element common in many different cultures worldwide? The reasons, desired effects and spiritual meanings are usually unique to the specific cultures. Everyone has their own personal reasons and preferred methodology for sage cleansing.

Prior to starting, I like to set an intention, such as inviting in Positive Energy. I repeat my intention as I light the Sage. I visualize any unwanted energies dissipating & being replaced with welcome healing and positive energies. As the Sage starts to smoke, I hold it over a fire-proof surface, such as an abalone shell. With the Sage smoking, I walk in a circular pattern around the room. I visualize all the unwanted energies leaving with the smoke as it makes it way out the open window. Extinguish & reuse again later.

About Palo Santo

Palo Santo - Bursera graveolens - , known in Spanish as palo santo, is a wild tree native from Peru. Only sourced from fallen trees and limbs, - each bundle will have a piece of this amazing wood. Palo Santo is perfect to use to cleanse the environment with white sage to energetically cleanse or burned on its own. I personally adore the woodsy scent of Palo Santo as I love all of the woodsy essential oils. If I close my eyes- I am transported to the middle of a forest.