Fluorite Specimen | Fluorite with Quartz Epimorphs


Exquisite quality and very unique Fluorite specimen. Lilac Fluorite bubbles, this stunning piece of high quality Botryoidal Fluorite with Quartz Epimorphs  is from Second Chance Vein Tucson Arizona. 

378 Grams 11cm  x  9cm x 3cm

🌙 Fluorite |  Protection + Learning Stone.  A wonderful protection stone, grounding and harmonizing.  It also may be useful for protection when dreaming. Helpful when navigating mercury retrograde. A perfect stone for the student of Life, supportive with endeavors and when learning a new skill.  Helpful for focusing and enhancing cognitive functions. Clarifying decisions when it isn’t clear Ie: thinking and studying. Inviting in the good vibes.  Higher Chakras, Third Eye*