Gemstone Facial Roller | Stone Face Massager


Obsidian stone or Jade or Rose Quartz
Facial massaging or rolling can be very relaxing and quickly will become part of your beauty ritual. A wonderful lymphatic massage.

I have been using mine for a few months and have noticed that my skins elasticity & Overall skin tone looks more vibrant.

It has been a beauty ritual for many centuries in some cultures. For an extra oomph – place it in the fridge for a few minutes prior to massage. Use 1-4 times weekly for best results + use single strokes.


1.       Apply a serum, oil or cream to face and start rolling out from the middle of your face (right beside your nose) rolling outward across your cheek. Do both sides a few times.

2.       Go to the top of your eyebrows and roll across & upwards to just before your hairline.

3.       Now roll right over each eyebrow, rolling outwards a few times on each.

4.       Place the roller under your lover lip and roll downwards across your chin a few times.

Finish with downward strokes from your jawline down your neck