Green Jade Wildflowers Bracelet

$66.00 $138.00

Let your wrist shimmer with this double strand multi crystal and stone bracelet in a palette of green and creams.  Classy and bold. Created with different types of Jade, rutilated Quartz and green Garnet, rhinestones and cut crystals. Brass hardware lobster clasp.

 Made to fit most wrist sizes, adjustable from 19 cm to 21 cm.

💜Our Vintage Wildflower collection pieces are created with Antique and Vintage Czech crystals, some of the finest Swarovski stones, aurora borealis coatings, rhinestones, exquisitely cut stones and semi precious beads.   One of a kind.

🌙Jade |  Serenity & Harmony/ Jade comes in many colours, the most common being shades of white and green. Jade encompasses so many wonderful energies. It has long been revered as a sacred stone in Asian cultures. It encourages you to become who you really are as a spiritual being. A stone of serenity and purity. It increases love and nurturing while also being a protective stone. Useful for dreams & healing*


GARNET | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. Emotionally balancing, soothes depression, emotional trauma. Facilitates courage and creativity, cultivates understanding and abundance and brings awareness. Helps to enhance sexuality, devotion and trust.

Affirmation | "I am free to express and create in harmony"

Zodiac |  Capricorn

Chakras | Heart Chakra*


Rutilated Quartz