This is a fabulous tool for facials as it is perfect to use on all areas of your face, neck and décolletage. Massage helps to move lymphatic fluid, reducing puffiness and helps to increase blood flow.

I use the curved side to lift the cheek area and along my forehead. Using the scalloped side, its also a great tool to use on your chin + brow.

Choose from Rose Quartz or Obsidian.

Instructions and organza bag are included.


1.       Apply a serum, oil or cream to face and start sweeping up from eyebrows to hairline. Do both sides a few times.

2.       Go to the top of your eyebrows and sweep across & upwards to just before your hairline.

3.       Now sweep from  side of nose out towards your ears, do both sides a few times.

4.       Start at middle of chin below your lower lip and sweep out along your jawline towards your ears. Do both sides a few times.

5.       Finish with upward  strokes from your neck up to your jawline.

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