Make an intention.

Visualize That which you wish to attract.

Light your candle.

Luxurious coconut shell Candle with Tourmaline + Aventurine + Lemongrass Essential Oil. Decorated with homegrown Everlasting flower petals.

These Luxurious Eco -Friendly candles feature upcycled natural coconut shells, wood wick and are made with clean burning food grade soy + coconut oil. Coconut shell is lightly sanded by hand and ever so slightly coated with coconut oil.

Hand poured in small batches and encrusted with Tourmaline + Aventurine and Organic home grown everlasting strawflower petals.

This is as a very natural clean burning candle with a Clean Light Lemongrass scent!

Quite a large candle with its diameter measuring between 8-10 cm // 3-4 inches, height around 9 cm // 3.5+ inches and 360- 400 ml or over 12 oz

Sizes and shapes of crystals and coconut will vary slightly as these are natural products.


🌙AVENTURINE |Health  Prosperity  Calm  Compassion ♥A Chalcedony Quartz, it is found in various colours. A stone of compassion and unconditional love; it allows you to see a future of stronger relationships & communications. It increases optimism and good luck, helping promote a sense of calm *Heart Chakra*

BLACK TOURMALINE ( Schorl ) | is a powerful protector against “ vampiric” and physic attacks. Helps to shield you from negative people and EMFs. A wonderfully powerful stone bursting with positive energy. Root / Base Chakra*


Trimming the wick to 1/4" before lighting ensures a long lasting candle and safer burn. It is recommended that you place your candle on a heat proof protected surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep away from pets, children, and any flammable object.