A beautiful sister to our Kunzite Blossom bracelet, Kunzite Blooms features chunky cushion cut shape Kunzite gems surrounded with creamy frosted Agates and a hint of Amethyst. 10 - 13 mm Kunzite + 8 mm Amethyst + Agate.

Made to fit generously. Priced per bracelet.

 🌙 AMETHYST | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. This purple Quartz is a natural balancer, bringing calmness & clarity where there is anxiety & confusion. Provides a connection to the divine, enhances physic abilities and is useful for meditation. Soothing vibes promote inner peace and healing leading to a restful sleep. Helps heighten creativity, spirituality, grounding, courage & self esteem.

Affirmation |  "I am calm and peaceful in my body, mind and soul."

Zodiac | Aquarius

Chakras |Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra *


Agate | A balancing, calming and grounding stone, it is helpful with stabilizing energy, multilevel cleansing bringing balance in the body. Facilitates acceptance of one self. *Throat Chakra* A joyous stone having wonderful self loving, empowering energy. High feminine energy, useful when meditation to heal from past wounds. *

Kunzite | Largely comprised of lithium, aluminum and silicate, it is known as a gentle and calming stone. It promotes a deep connection between the mind and opens the heart. Helps to heal broken hearts & relieve anger, stress and facilitate love, happiness and harmony*

Coconut Quartz bracelets are crafted in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.  Bracelet Sizing Guide