This gorgeous bracelet features blue flash Labradorite surrounding a magnificent gemmy Kyanite, accented with brass accents.

8 mm  Labradorite + 10mm Kyanite

Our handcrafted gemstone beaded bracelets are a magnificent way to incorporate the magic of crystals into your life. Created in various wrist sizes using only the highest quality materials and durable stretchy string, our bracelets slide onto your wrist with ease.

Wear your bracelet alone, layered with your heirloom pieces, stacked up to match your intentions or to simply as a complimentary accessory.

🌙Kyanite | Peaceful Balancer. I find kyanite to be very calming and pleasing.  Guards against negative energy and does not hold it, thus it never needs to be cleansed. Chakra aligning. The subtle beautiful energy of kyanite assists me while sleeping and as such I have a piece beside my bed. * Throat Chakra*

LABRADORITE |TransformationPerseveranceCourage♥ This feldspar spectrolite mineral is truly a magical stone. It can assist with your intentions to expand consciousness, developing your intuitive and mental abilities. As a stone of strength, it supports change and provides support when around energy drainers. Balancing and cleansing to the Aura. Base Chakra, Throat Chakra*

Coconut Quartz bracelets are crafted in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit.  Bracelet Sizing Guide