Your choice of essential oil with a Lava Rock Diffuser

Self mined Lava rock from Acores Portugal.

Choose your essential oil from a myriad of stock that we have on hand. Brand is Doterra and is a 5 ml , 10ml or 15ml bottle. As a wellness advocate, I will educate and answer any questions you have about your oil or oils in general. In addition to Doterra training, my experience in essential oils and their use spans over 25 years. My formal education includes, aromatherapy course at Niagara College 1998 and Lea Jacobsen Using Essential Oils Safely Advanced Course 2016.

Oils currently available include:

Canadian Lavender Oil 10 ml gemstone roller in brown bottle 

The following below are Doterra oils with drop stopper:

Lavender 5ml

Smart & Sassy 15ml

Tea Tree 15ml

Tangerine 15ml

Lime 15 ml

Serenity 15 ml

On guard 15ml

Spearmint 15ml

Clove Bud 15ml

Green Mandarin 15 ml

Clementine 5 ml

Peppermint 5 ml

Peace 5ml

Kumquat 5ml

Citrus Bliss 5ml / 15 ml

Red Mandarin 5 ml

Neroli Touch 10 ml

Cheer Touch 10 ml

past Tense 10 ml