Our much anticipated Lilac Enfeurage is ready!!!

Natural Botanical Perfume

Lilac Enfleurage Pomade Perfume

Lilacs have one of the most beautiful fragrances, of which cannot be captured by mainstream essential oil extraction. This Lilac Enfleurage came about because of my deep olfactory + visual love for Lilacs.

This is our new 2022 edition, which due to our wet winter and spring rains has yielded a gloriously lush crop of Lilac flowers.

This rare + intriguing solid perfume was created using one of the oldest and labour intensive methods of fragrance extraction called Enfleurage. It has been created using the cold Enfleurage method which consists of pressing the individual fresh lilac flowers into a cold fat by hand, letting them sit in a cool dark environment and then changing the flowers daily. This process was repeated for 27 + days, using different varietals of Lilacs with differing bloom periods from our pesticide free gardens located in beautiful Niagara on the Lake, Canada.


Description: Subtle green and softly sweet notes fall away into a scent akin to soft powdery heady spring air, further changing to a soft clean powdery light floral scent before it sets into a delicate green scent reminiscent of lilacs on warm spring days. Imagine walking through or sitting in an orchard of Lilac bushes, the scent enveloping you in its embrace.

Application: Apply this subtle creation to freshly moisturized skin, preferably a pulse point and let warm on skin. Close your eyes and inhale, evoking memories of a warm spring day. Most of you will love this earthy green scent, but some of you may be underwhelmed due to the different ways some our olfactory sensors process smell.

Please note: The result of the enfleurage is a balanced botanical pomade perfume. It is not like anything you will have smelled before, meaning it is not highly potent like the synthetic lilac fragrances that you may have smelled in a candle or a synthetic perfume. It is subtle, only you and your closest cuddler will be able to smell it. It will fade slowly in about 45 minutes - 2 hours much like the fleeting lilac season itself does. This is a luxuriously moisturizing pomade butter. Please note that this is not for internal use, topical application only.

*Please keep your pomade out of heat and direct sunlight.

*For optimum freshness keep refrigerated.

* scent will last longer on pre moisturized skin

If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and consult a qualified medical practitioner.

* The information listed on this website is for informational purposes regarding our products.

*Crystals provide a holistic method of energy balancing and are not meant as a substitute for medical advice or medicine. If you have health concerns, please seek medical advice from your medical practitioner.