Lithium Quartz Point | Pink Lithium Quartz


Very pretty pinkish red toned pink Lithium Quartz natural point. This natural point has gorgeous colouring and natural marks from when she left the Earth.
This is indeed a very special specimen and if she resonates with you, then give her a good home.
🌙 Approximate measurements : 58 grams 

Brazil Minas Gerais Mined

🌙Lithium Quartz | This is an exquisite pink to purple Quartz that has inclusions of Lepidolite, high inclusions of lithium. An exquisite crystal with a calm loving energy that promotes calming focus and tranquility. Calming focus for the mind and body, I find it very useful in meditations, focusing on loving kindness. Third Eye , Heart Chakra.*

Photos taken outside in natural light. Each item is Reiki charged and white sage cleansed before it is shipped.