Manifest your Healthy Relationship, your Soulmate or deepen your Self Love.

This beautiful collection of Crystals are specially chosen to facilitate and support a healthy, loving relationship and manifest your desires.

The complete set is comprised of 6 high quality cleansed, tumbled and raw crystals, an eco friendly coconut wood bowl, crystal info card and crystal descriptions.

Perfect for the beginner or advanced energy worker.

Love + Romance Crystal Collection crystals include:

Agate for Balance of emotions & Comfort - Pink is the colour of Love.

Aventurine for Passionate Prosperity & Unconditional Love - this Heart Chakra crystals packs a powerful punch.

Garnet for the energy of Love, Passion & Devotion.

Rhodonite for Emotional Balance, Nurturing Love & Forgiveness.

Rose Quartz for True Unconditional Love, Soft feminine Love light energy.

Clear Quartz for Clarity + Focus, an amplifier, and program it for Your desires.

*The information provided is for informational purposes regarding our products. Crystals provide a holistic method of energy balancing and are not meant as a substitute for medical advice or medicine. If you have health concerns, please seek medical advice from your medical practitioner.