Dainty and delicate with incredible sparkle. Morganite and Aquamarine and Beryl in all of her colours, pink, yellow, blue, green and clear Beryl. Tiny micro faceted beads. Minimalist bracelet perfect to layer. Steel metal findings.

Clasp bracelet with chain. Made to fit most wrist sizes, adjustable to 21 cm.

🌙 Morganite | Unconditional Love.   This Beryl comes in many colours ranging from light yellow, blue & pink. This love crystal helps with feelings of being overwhelmed & is a wonderful crystal for dealing with anxiety & daily stressors. I find it reduces the need for over analyzation, thus encouraging a positive view of the world *

Aquamarine |  A wonderful stone for meditation. Aquamarine facilitates the opening of intuition + clairvoyance, and clarifies perception. Offers support from becoming overwhelmed when dealing with responsibilities and helps with closure. Encourgaes tolerance of others. Soothes fears and increases sensitivity. Shields your aura and aligns the chakras.*