Sweet Orthoceras specimens. Each are unique and fabulous. From Morocco, Measure approximately 1.25 inch to 2 +inches in length. Beautifully polished.

Orthoceras are the ancestral cousins of modern squid and octopus living more than 400 million years ago. The word “Orthoceras” means “Straight Horn” referring to its shape.

All Orthoceras have chambers separated by walls called the siphuncle and the Septa. The siphuncle is the line running down the head to the tail. The septa is the short curved lines that run across or side to side.

 I will intuitively choose one of these divine crystals for you. Your crystal will be similar to one of these, as these are natural stones, each will be unique.

Fossil Stone |Acceptance ♥ Mindfulness♥ Healing ♥ Various types of fossilized remains in limestone or other rock. Go with the flow, acceptance of things as they are. Useful for aura and energy work. Increased energy flow. Base Chakra *