Pink Amethyst Sphere | Amethyst Crystal Ball



Soft Amethyst carved and polished crystal sphere with druzy crystal caverns. This beauty sparkles  with tiny twinkling miniscule crystals like a fairy cast her glitter wand over it.

 Approximately 560 grams and about 25 cm diameter. Brazil mined

Pink Amethyst | Amethyst with Hematite, Calcite, Quartz inclusions giving it a vast range of dreamy pink tones, ranging from almost light peachy pink to deep reddish lavender to soft babys blanket pinks. Inviting in a strong love vibration. Vibrations of kindness, compassion. Imagine if you will of the divine sweet energy of rose quartz amplified by the purity and peaceful energy of Amethyst, that is what resonates most strongly with me from Pink Amethyst. May be useful for so many things, addictions, meditations and connecting with Angels. * Heart Chakra *