Soft pinks + cream coloured aragonite hearts. The visual appeal is equaled by the soft, calming and loving energy that emanate from these hearts. When I first saw these, I knew that I must add these to my crystal collection.

I will intuitively choose one of these divine crystals for you. Your crystal will be similar to one of these, as these are natural stones, each will be unique.

ARAGONITE | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. Calcium carbonate. A wonderful stone for stress & anxiety.  It is believed to create a deeper connection with earth by grounding to the earth-star chakra. Aragonite is a calming stone believed to help in times of stress by reducing anger and enhancing patience. Emotional + Mental stability.

Affirmation | "I am peaceful and safe."

Zodiac | Capricorn

Chakras |Sacral Chakra *