Rhodonite Heart Bracelet | Heart Healing Bracelet


Dainty Rhodonite heart charm bracelet. Creamy vanilla Fossil stone beads and pink petrified wood with rose gold plated accents.  Stretchy bracelet. 8mm beads.

The vibe is deeply comforting, trusting in the love of the universe. 


🌙Rhodonite | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. This is a lovely dark veined pink rose stone. Balancing for emotions and useful when working through loss, grief, unhappiness or hardships. Cleansing and detoxifying physically. Supports past life trauma healing, self love + self esteem, loving compassion, love nurturer.

Affirmation | “ I am happy fulfilling my souls purpose”

Chakra| Heart Chakra
Zodiac |Scorpio*

Fossil Stone | Riverstone. This form of limestone stone encourages you to go with the flow – to accept things as they are.  Useful for aura and energy work. Increased energy flow, Various types of fossil stones, fossilized remains of life within or are “fossilized “ in stone. Base Chakra *

Petrified Agatized Wood | A transformation stone. A very grounding stone, helping you feel secure and strong in times of change. Longevity and good fortune.*



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