The largest Selenite charging bowl that I have ever seen! Exquisite Extra large Selenite Bowl, high quality carved crystal bowl that is functional and beautiful! Genuine natural Selenite.
Perfect for charging your crystals.

Very smooth and beautifully carved and polished, indicative of high quality Selenite Sage and florals are not included, I have used them to show how beautifully this bowl would hold items such as these.

🌙Approximately 1072 grams + or 2 lbs 5 oz+

17 cm length / almost 8 inches
17 cm width / 3.4+ inches
4.5 cm high

Morocco Mined

🌙 Selenite / has an iridescent glow like sheen that reminds me of the moon. Useful for cleansing your crystals- let then rest on it overnight. Selenite embodies goddess energy, allows us to more easily communicate with our higher selves as it has a high vibration. *

Please read: Please do NOT use for food. Decorative use only. Please take care not to put your selenite in water, as water will dissolve it. Selenite is a very soft stone and as such, small indents and chips are natural in this product, further adding to its beauty. Variations in tones + colours, mineral deposits and differences in its crystalline structure are indicative of this stoneware. Please keep selenite away from water as it can damage the crystal*