Dark Smokey Amethyst point with remarkable well pronounced phantoms.  Internal rainbows and incredible clarity.  Natural point with a cut base.

🌙 Approximate measurements : 153 grams

Height : 7 cm // 2.5 inches

Width at widest part : 6 cm // 2.25+ inches

Depth at widest part : 5 cm // 2  inches

Mined :  Bahia Brazil


Phantoms are often found in transparent or white Quartz and have colour inclusions.   In these Quartz, prismatic or needle-like crystals form inside, and these interior crystal layers of overlapping growth are called Phantoms. The Phantoms can be seen due to variations in composition or mineral inclusions. This image often runs from the upper left to the bottom right part of the crystal. Metaphysically symbolic of our evolution and personal growth.

🌙AMETHYST | Spiritual , Emotional + Physical Healing. This purple Quartz is a natural balancer, bringing calmness & clarity where there is anxiety & confusion. Provides a connection to the divine, enhances physic abilities and is useful for meditation. Soothing vibes promote inner peace and healing leading to a restful sleep. Helps heighten creativity, spirituality, grounding, courage & self esteem.

Affirmation |  "I am calm and peaceful in my body, mind and soul."

Zodiac | Aquarius

Chakras |Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra *