This Mala bead necklace is created in the traditional style with my own personal twist and is created using 108 beads. Handmade and knotted using 8mm gemstone beads of Carnelian, Peach Moonstone and Unakite Jasper. The centerpiece pendant is a Pink Feldspar + Smoky Quartz hand made pendant wired in Copper. Pendant stone is self mined from Bancroft, Canada.

The vibes are Passionate Vitality and Energizing.

Total length is 104 cm or about 41 inches.

🌙 Jasper / Supreme Nurturer /making a Connection + Mentoring. There are various types of jasper, each with unique properties. It has been used since ancient times and may be helpful in stressful situations. It brings healing &  new vitality *

🌙 Carnelian / Chalcedony Quartz / This is a high energy stone, a courageous stone, promoting success and supporting healthy metabolism & sexual organs. A stabilizing stone, facilitates trust + love for life. Useful for being present and mindfulness meditation. Energetically stimulating sexual energy + A spiritual stone, accepts the cycle of life. *Sacral Chakra*

🌙  Moonstone |Compassion  Feminine Energy ♥ Goddess ♥ Found in colours ranging from iridescent white, rainbow to peach, pink and gray black, Moonstone Cultivates compassion and empathy, tunes into the natural biological forces. A soothing stone focusing on balance and healing. Enhances our intuition and clairvoyance, energy work and moon energy. Extremely useful for developing your intuition. *