Tiger Eye and Peach Moonstone Bracelet


Much like the flower that perseveres through soil that is less than optimal- Tiger Eye + Peach Moonstone + Lava
Bracelet embodies much of the same ✨
A reminder that you are Strong, Joyous & Beautiful
Brass findings 6mm, 8mm & 10mm beads

 Moonstone |Compassion  Feminine Energy ♥ Goddess  Found in colours ranging from iridescent white, rainbow to peach, pink and gray black, Moonstone Cultivates compassion and empathy, tunes into the natural biological forces. A soothing stone focusing on balance and healing. Enhances our intuition and clairvoyance, energy work and moon energy. Extremely useful for developing your intuition. *

Tiger’s EyeStrength  Courage♥ Grounding♥ Optimism Joy♥   This Quartz Gemstone is a stone of protection in that is also very stabilizing & grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and correct use of power. Balances both brain sides and brings joy. Sacral Chakra*

Lava Rock | Grounding Courage  Creativity  Communicate ♥ An igneous porous volcanic rock is a grounding and protecting stone, helping you be courageous and strong. Instilling confidence, it soothes overactive emotions and as such, can promote effective communication. A carrier for essential oil diffusing. Base Chakra*